StreetGlow Inc.
25 Mansard Court
Wayne, New Jersey 07470
main 800.787.3384
fax 800.793.6366

StreetGlow International
Flat A
Wing Hing Lee Ind. Bldg.
32 Hung To Road
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
office 852.2341.7371

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What is StreetGlow?

Why can't I find any prices in the StreetGlow catalog?

Can I place an order by calling your 800 number?

The images are not loading in your order online section and/or I get errors trying to access it, why?

I'm not good with cars, is there somewhere I can go for help on how to install my lights?

I really like my lights, are there any gatherings where I can talk to others about neon lights?

I'd like to install neon lights on my car, but I don't know if they're legal in my area. What should I do?

Will StreetGlow sponsor my car?

I lost my instructions, can you send me new ones?

How many lights can I hook up to one switch? How many amps is each light?

How can I purchase streetglow products on line?

My car has sealed head light bulbs, can I still use strobes?

Can I add one or more tubes to my SG 201 under car kit?

I want my headlight strobes to beat faster, what can I do and how can I do it?

Where and how do I get more detailed instructions on how to install my under car kit.

Can I install a 20 inch tube under my car?

Have you done any cold weather testing? I live in Alaska and I wondered if your product would survive the subzero temperatures!

My front 30" under car kit bulb broke, is there any way I can get it Replaced or do I just have to buy a whole new kit?

Can you use the shift knobs on automatics or are they just for cars with manual shifts?

How long will my online order take to be shipped to me?

Can I pay for my online order by check?

My neon product stopped working, will StreetGlow replace it?